Strategies, resources and consequences of emotion regulation in the provision of health care

VEGA 2/0083/22

Duration of the project:
2022 – 2025

Principal investigator:
Mgr. Jitka Gurňáková, PhD.

List of co-investigators:
Mgr. Branislav Uhrecký, PhD.
Mgr. Denisa Marcinechová
Mgr. Bianka Karlíková
The project is focused on available resources and consequences of various forms of emotion regulation on well-being and mental health of healthcare professionals. Its scope is a direct continuation of previous activities of the project VEGA 2/0070/18 research team, during which a longitudinal observation of these concepts in the time period following the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Slovakia was introduced. It is part of an international collaboration of researchers from more than 30 countries, which can explain how mental health of healthcare professionals is associated with variables such as COVID-19 incidence among population, healthcare system capacity, and implemented political measures. Further qualitative and quantitative comparisons between healthcare workers based on how their well- being and mental health were affected by elevated stress levels, specific for this project, can shed more light on individual and situational factors which mediate this effect.

Key words:
emotion regulation, coping, resources, well-being, mental health, healthcare workers