The Institute of Experimental Psychology CSPS SAS, as a non-university institution, has an agreement on cooperation in carrying out PhD. programs with two universities:

  • with the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava in the study program Social and Occupational Psychology
  • with the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of Trnava University in the study program General and Experimental Psychology

Important information: if the candidate for doctoral study chooses a topic published by the IEP CSPS SAS supervisors:

  1. Topics listed for PhD. studies are based on the research program of the Institute. They are part of the research project in which the supervisor participates.
  2. The future doctoral student will become the official investigator of this grant project and a member of the research team; his/her dissertation is/will contribute to the solution and be part of the project results.
  3. The supervisors will guide the scientific part of PhD. study to writing scientific studies in the field of the dissertation work in reputable domestic and international peer-reviewed journals.

For current topics, conditions and deadlines for the PhD. study interviews in the above-mentioned study programs for the current school year, please consult the relevant faculty website:

In order to submit a "good" PhD application (dissertation project proposal) we recommend to arrange e-mail consultations (electronic or personal) on the selected topic directly with the supervisor from the IEP CSPS SAS.