Social influences in individual decision making

VEGA 2/0154/13

Duration of the project:
01/2013 - 12/2016

Principal investigator:
PhDr. Radomír Masaryk, PhD.

List of scientific co-workers:
Mgr. Jana Bašnáková, MSc.
Mgr. Lenka Kostovičová,PhD.
Mgr. Katarína Dudeková, PhD.
prof. PhDr. Viera Bačová, DrSc.
PhDr. Ivan Brezina, PhD. (od roku 2014)
Mgr. Mária Hatoková, PhD.
Mgr. Mária Túniyová, PhD.

The project analyzes social influences on decision making in individuals. The objective is to find out how aspects of group composition - e.g., information sharing, group norms and other factors of social influence have impact on individual decision making. Decision making shall be investigated in the process of solving different types of decision making problems (e.g., heuristics tasks, decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty). Explored by different methods (e.g., verbal or written protocols), the project is to focus on the result of decision making as well as its process. The methodological objective is to adapt existing decision making tasks, to set up an own set of tasks to explore social decision making, to test those tasks, and to evaluate their validity. After the initial phase of fully controlled laboratory experiments the findings shall be verified and further expanded in the natural group setting (with a modified set of methods), and an in-depth in-situ qualitative study.

Key words:
individual decision making, social decision making, social influences, natural groups