Risk assessment in decision making of individuals on the personal and company/business finances and business opportunities

VEGA 2/0118/17

Duration of the project:

Principal investigator:
Ing. Mgr. Róbert Hanák PhD.

List of scientific co-workers:
prof. PhDr. Viera Bačová, DrSc.
Mgr. Denisa Fedáková, PhD.
Mgr. Katarína Dudeková, PhD.
Mgr. Matúš Konečný
Mgr. Matúš Grežo, PhD.
Mgr. Lucia Ištoňová
Ing. Edita Nemcová, PhD.
Ing. Ivana Studená, PhD.
Mgr. Andrea Zelienková
Mgr. Zuzana Kožárová

Individuals make decisions about personal and business finances facing risk and uncertainty. At the same time these decisions, such as retirement scheme choices, investment of life-savings, investment into new ventures and alike are of crucial importance and imply consequences for the future of the concerned individual and that of his/her family members. Many individuals, however, make sub-optimal decisions, leading to considerable personal/family/business financial losses. One of the reasons of such failures is related to differences in individual risk perception and assessment. This project therefore aims to study psychological factors and variables (personality, cognitive and socio-demographic) playing a role in risk assessment throughout the process of financial decision making. The project will produce new theoretical knowledge as well as concrete solutions helping individuals to better understand, support, and handle the process of financial risk assessment.

Key words:
financial psychology, financial decisions of individuals, assessing risks and opportunities in making financial decisions, expertise, business opportunities