Need for structure in the process of decision-making and coping

VEGA 2/0126/12

Duration of the project:

Principal investigator:
Sarmány Schuller Ivan, PhDr. CSc.

List of scientific co-workers:
Ruisel Imrich, prof. PhDr. DrSc.
Brezina Ivan, PhDr. PhD.
Ficková Emília, PhDr.
Kordačová Jana, PhDr. CSc.
Prokopčáková Alexandra, PhDr. CSc.
Ruiselová Zdenka, RNDr. CSc.
Kováč Damián, prof. PhDr. DrSc.
Túnyiová Mária, Mgr.

The project is based on the research and experimental study and verification of the personality construct “need for structure” in the process of decision-making. Current concepts of normative and descriptive models of decision-making do not offer a complex explanation of this process. The personality correlate, which significantly influences the process of decision-making, is largely omitted. The construct of personal need for structure, theoretically based on the condition of a certain ability of an individual to reduce the uncertainty of (any) situation, is related to a higher ability to solve new situations or cope with stress. The aim of the project is to explain the role of personality in the process of decision-making through the characteristics of world structuring and the ability to create own structure, mutual interaction with coping strategies, counterfactual thinking, cross-cultural comparison, rational and irrational beliefs, cognitive functions participating in the intuitive and rational decision-making and brain activity.

Key words:
personality, decision-making, coping, counterfactual thinking, neurophysiology and decision-making, cross-cultural comparison