Retirement concepts and narratives: Their implications in various stages of the retirement adjustment process

VEGA 2/0048/18

Duration of the project:
2022 – 2026

Principal investigator:
prof. Peter Halama, PhD..

List of co-investigators:
prof. PhDr. Viera Bačová, DrSc.
PhDr. Lucia Kočišová, PhD.
Mgr. Lucia Záhorcová, PhD.
At the psychological level, the project reflects socio-economic-demographic changes, which necessarily introduce also changes in the traditional understanding of retirement towards a greater variety of ways of retirement transition. The project will study how people in various stages of preparation and adjustment to retirement conceptualize their idea of retirement and the process of retirement transition itself. It will also focus on how individual narratives and concepts of retirement relate to the broader social narratives represented in the major media, especially by people who strongly identify with their work. In the quantitative part, the project will study people at different stages of retirement preparation and adjustment, specifically how their individual retirement concepts and narratives relate to relevant variables referring to retirement (e.g., pre-retirement anxiety, retirement expectations) and the quality of retirement adjustment itself.

Key words:
changing nature of retirement, retirement narratives, concepts of retirement, retirement transition, retirement adjustment