Cognitive and social skills supporting decision making and the quality of performance of Emergency medical services crew members

VEGA 2/0070/18

Duration of the project:
1.1.2018 - 31.12.2021

Principal investigator:
Mgr. Jitka Gurňáková, PhD.

List of scientific co-workers:
Mgr. Martin Sedlár, PhD.
Mgr.Branislav Uhrecký, PhD.
Mgr. Marcela Marcinechová

Our findings from two prior projects VEGA 2/0095/10 and 2/0080/14, in accordance with statistics referring to about 10% prevalence of adverse events in health-care attributed to human errors, result in the necessity to identify, assess and develop cognitive and social (non-technical) skills relevant for proper decision-making and the quality of overall performance of health-care professionals. The mechanic application of the lists of non-technical skills obtained in one profession into another is not recommended. Hence, the aim of this project is to identify, describe and to develop an assessment tool for basic categories, elements and behavioral markers of cognitive and social skills, crucial for the quality of decision-making and the performance of Emergency medical services crew members. Moreover, the development of naturalistic decision-making research via analysis of adverse events in health care in Slovakia will be enriched.

Key words:
Naturalistic decision-making, cognitive and social skills, non-technical skills, Emergency medical services