Decision making in emotionally demanding situations: Research of macrocognitions and emotions in the naturalistic decision making paradigm

VEGA 2/0080/14

Duration of the project:
1.1.2014 - 31.12.2017

Principal investigator:
Jitka Gurňáková, Mgr. PhD.

List of scientific co-workers:
Peter Halama, Doc. Mgr. PhD.
Mgr. Branislav Uhrecký
Lukáš Pitel, Mgr. PhD.
Hana Harenčárová, Mgr.
Katarína Košíková Žiaková, Mgr.
Mgr. Martin Sedlár

The project follows the current research activities at the Institute and also the ending research project VEGA “Personality aspects of effective self-regulation and decision-making in emotionally demanding situations”, that focused on the problems of naturalistic decision making (NDM) and served as our introduction to the theory and methodology applied in this approach to the study of decision making. The current project focuses on macrocognitions, and we plan to target selected macrocognitive processes that participate in decision making in emotionally demanding situations. Moreover, we will study also the interaction between cognitions and emotions in the decision making process.

Key words:
decision making, naturalistic decision making, macrocognitions, emotions