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Coping styles and personality

Ruiselová Zdena a kolektív

Year of publication: 2006
Publisher: Slovak Academic Press, Bratislava
Number of pages: 128 p.
ISBN: 80-88910-23-4


The book focuses on coping styles as a “medium level of generality” coping characteristics, which are related to coping with different situations. The publication studies the theoretical and research aspects of the relation of selected coping styles with personality and quality of life characteristics. The first part of the book is dedicated to coping styles – mastery vs. cluelessness – and presents results of authors’ own research. The second part studies personality and coping in a broader context, highlights relevant relations of coping and cognitive styles, coping and authority and also a special type of cognitive errors (errors in time management) and their relation to coping.

Apparent and hidden creativity

Kusá Daniela a kol.

Year of publication: 2006
Publisher: Slovak Academic Press, Bratislava
Number of pages: 152 p.
ISBN: 80-88910-21-8


This work offers a selection of research studies that belong into two thematically and stylistically different sections. The first section focuses on creativity in its distinctive, unique forms: it looks for answers on questions about creativity in humor, in paintings of na?ve and acknowledged artists, in the “art” of linguistic creativity. The authors persuaded creativity par excellence, its values, provided by less and more important artists. The second section contains analyses of the relations between creativity and dispositions of personality and intellect, as are psychological androgyny, creative talent, and motivation for art. Although these have almost the feeling of evergreens, they have a polemic undertone and introduce innovative elements into the externally traditional topics.

Wisdom in the mirror of ages

Ruisel Imrich

Year of publication: 2005
Publisher: IKAR, Bratislava
Number of pages: 293 p.
ISBN: 80-551-1059-X


Wisdom with its opposites as irrationality, stupidity and imperfection are concepts used in assessment of human behavior. The general opinion applies, that there are only few people competent to act wisely. The question “what is wisdom” itself is artificial. If we are looking for the definition of wisdom, we have to validate action, behavior or attitudes of concrete persons. The first chapters focus on Egyptian and Mesopotamian wisdom literature as well as on the texts of the Old and New Testament. Next come reflections on the relation between wisdom and philosophical thinking and the study into the nature of wisdom in accordance with the principles of evolutional hermeneutics. Psychological aspects of wisdom are of the highest interest for the author. The relation between wisdom and lifestyle, happiness and quality of life is also approached.

Social processes and personality 2004 – Conference proceedings CD-ROM

Ruisel Imrich, Lupták David, Falat Marek (Eds.)

Year of publication: 2004
Publisher: Ústav experimentálnej psychológie SAV, Bratislava
Number of pages: 524 p.
ISBN: 80-88910-16-1


Conference proceedings from the IX. conference Social processes and personality, that took place on 22. – 24. September 2004 in Stará Lesná. The common topic of the presentations was the basic and applied research in social psychology and psychology of personality.

Intelligence and thinking

Ruisel Imrich

Year of publication: 2004
Publisher: IKAR, Bratislava
Number of pages: 432 p.
ISBN: 80-551-0766-1


People with high abstract intelligence are becoming more common in our current world. They design and produce better and faster planes or cars, add floors to skyscrapers and turn the wheels of consume and fun. Thus, the society is in need of people with unique moral intelligence, sensitive analysts of people’s universal problems and of the growing gap between industrial and traditional societies; who understand that it is not all right if some people die of overweight and insufficient exercise and others die of malnutrition and inhuman workload. The world is in need of people who practice the written knowledge of intercultural tolerance with sensitivity and are able to listen carefully and solve problems of members of cultures different from their own. Our world needs people who are empathetic and understanding beyond their own race, religion or belief, and who do not brag with the achievements of their own civilization. People with such social and moral intelligence are hope for us all.

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